From Trauma to Hope

There’s Always Hope After Trauma

Trauma is the lasting emotional response that results from living through a distressing event. This varies from person to person because an event may be more traumatic for some and not at all for others.

Abuse, neglect, and disrupted attachment can be traumatic events that are experienced early in life. Other events can happen later in life such as a serious accident, being the victim of violence, living through a natural disaster or war, or sudden unexpected loss. Source: CAMH | Trauma

Help yourself or someone you know find hope through these videos featuring tips from our experts and survivor stories told from the heart.

Help Yourself or Someone You Know Find Hope

Trauma looks different for everyone. Help yourself or someone you know find hope by watching these videos featuring tips from experts and survivor stories told from the heart.

Tell Your Story & Change the Narrative

Kim has gone through a lot in her life, from alcohol addiction to domestic violence. See how she’s channeled her life experiences into helping others.

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Turning Your Life Around

Jason bounced around from home to home until he found his place with a gang, and later prison. Learn how he healed after trauma and overcame it in the darkest of times.

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Health Through Learning

Sometimes the first step in healing is learning about what happened during and after a traumatic event.

Trauma 101

Learn the basics of trauma, including how to not let it define you.

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Compassion Fatigue

Learn what compassion fatigue (also known as burnout) is and ways to cope.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Learn about post-traumatic stress disorder and how to spot the signs.

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Trauma-Informed Care

See the best ways trauma survivors can ask for trauma-informed care during recovery.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Substance Use

Understand the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use.

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Recovering from Trauma

Learn the three stages of recovering from trauma and how to move towards a hopeful future.

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What Happens to Your Brain During & After Trauma

Learn more about how the brain responds to trauma and the benefits of being brain-informed.

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Intergenerational Trauma

Learn what intergenerational trauma is and how to break the cycle in your family.

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Childhood vs. Adult Trauma

Understand differences between the two and the symptoms of childhood trauma.

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Talking Helps Healing

One of the best ways to fight the mental health stigma is to talk about it often in your own household, starting with your kids. You can decide when to have the conversation, but the sooner you do it, the easier it is for them to start breaking the stigma in their lives.


If you’re looking for more tips, tools, and resources about trauma, you’ve come to the right place. There are many resources below for you to use to help kids live long, happy, and healthy lives.

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