Talk Risky Behaviors

Keeping Kids Safe

As parents and role models, we worry about the physical safety, digital footprint and mental health of our kids. We worry if they have what they need to make good choices about alcohol and drugs.

Three ways to lessen these worries are: 1) Understand the things that might be dangerous to young people; 2) Put protective factors in place and; 3) Have open and honest conversations with them often.

Talking heart-to-heart with kids about things in the world today that are dangerous or put them at risk of harm, helps keep them safe and encourages them to independently make good choices.

Tips and Tools

If you’re looking for more tips and tools to help on your parenting journey or as an ally of a young person, you’ve come to the right place. There are dozens of resources for you to use to help kids live happy and healthy lives.

This resource rich site also features ways for you to easily find local support, contact us and learn more about the Region 5 Prevention Network.


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For a comprehensive list of Lincoln Resources go to your App Store and check out MyLNK.  The Alcohol and Drug services are listed under ‘Health’.


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