From Trauma to Hope: Jason’s Story

July 11, 2023

Jason uses his life experiences in and out of prison to help others heal from trauma.

Here’s a glimpse at his story…

“By the time I got out, I was trying to be a part of giving back, also establishing my life…and figuring out how that works.”

“My purpose nowadays is to try to be involved in supporting or assisting others, whether it’s doing something better with their life or more often than not, it’s simply showing people I can support them on their journey.”

“Sometimes it feels hard to get past now when you get back into your trauma, but that’s where you remember, how many times have I had to push forward…? How many good memories would be lost if you didn’t take the next step to get through the next day?”

Watch this video and learn how Jason found hope after trauma.

Trigger warnings: domestic violence, gang violence, drugs

This project is funded in whole, 100% from the SAMSHA/American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), BO9SM083985. DHHS Division of Behavioral Health (100% $526,243,31), Region V Systems