What Happens to Your Brain During & After Trauma

July 11, 2023

Learn more about how the brain responds during and after trauma.

Watch this video to learn:

  • The benefits of being brain-informed
  • The difference between our brain reacting and responding
  • Three things that can cause the brain to set off warning signals
  • What the traumatic stress response cycle is and its four components
  • What the survival instinct is
  • What executive functioning skills are
  • The components that are impacted when your brain is in survival mode
  • What the three R’s are
  • How trauma affects kids’ brains

Trigger warnings: trauma

Your Brain During & After Trauma Video Resource List:

Cheryl Turner is a Training Specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She’s studied trauma, mental health, and children for decades.

This project is funded in whole, 100% from the SAMSHA/American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), BO9SM083985. DHHS Division of Behavioral Health (100% $526,243,31), Region V Systems