York Public Schools and York County Prevention Welcomes Michael DeLeon from “Steered Straight”

March 30, 2022

York Public Schools  and York County Prevention, welcomes Michael DeLeon from “Steered Straight” to visit with our students about making drug-free choices, the dangers of vaping, student mental health, and a variety of other topics (see below for descriptions).

Mr. DeLeon will be presenting to middle school students from YMS, St. Joe, Emmanuel Lutheran, Heartland, and Centennial at 9:00 am on Monday, April 4, in the YHS theater.  Michael will then present to 9-12 students from YHS, Heartland, and Centennial at 1:15 pm.

Parents and community members are invited to a presentation at 6:00 pm that evening, called “Educating our Community to Raise Drug-Free Healthy Kids.”


A majority of the fee for this presenter has been paid for by the York County Prevention Network.


“Straight Talk”

This is our premier all-encompassing presentation that incorporates the important topics of bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, dating violence, gangs, and gang violence as they relate to choices and decisions, with the potential to concentrate on any one specific area upon request. Based on REBT and Consequential Thinking, and incorporating presenters with real-life stories, students gain the understanding of the importance of making healthy life choices.

During his presentation, Michael will also focus on student mental health.


“Vaping me Crazy”

This portion of the program breaks down the dangers of vaping and the consequences of its use by our youth. It is a very atypical presentation on why the national trend to minimize the dangers of e-cigarette devices and market them directly to youth constitutes a profiling message that kids not only will understand, but will serve as a catalyst for change.