DIY “My Family’s Good Stuff” List (for your fridge!)

October 7, 2019

Being a parent can sometimes be hard. All the pressures to be the “ideal family” but, what does this really mean to you and your kids?

The good news is, you and your family alone get to define what it means to be a family. So, why not make your family’s good stuff be known to each other. Getting together and making your list should be fun and not about rule setting or writing lengthy family purpose statements.

Go ahead, gather as a family, roll up your sleeves and talk about what makes your family uniquely “your” family. Take the time to talk about the good stuff that makes you who you are and then jot down a short simple list that will help everyone in your family know how to act and just be.

Start by talking about all the ideas you have about how you want to live as a family. Chat about the things your family members have passed on to you from previous generations, then determine what you want to keep, what you want to let go, and what you want to create new just for you.

Your list may include good stuff about your family’s approach to:

  • Balancing work, school and fun
  • Bettering our community
  • Laws and government
  • Alcohol and drugs (for youth and adults)
  • Beliefs and faith
  • Stress management
  • Good character

Making a “My Family’s Good Stuff” list helps everyone in your family:

  • Define how you (as a family) are going to respond to various situations
  • Make good choices as a family and as individuals
  • Strengthen the relationship you have as a family

It’s never too late to make a “My Family’s Good Stuff” list. Create a first draft, post it on your fridge and then get together as a family to edit it often.

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